Suntem inconjurati de semne si simboluri, de la cele mai simple, la cele mai complexe.
Unele , le cunoastem, altele , le intuim doar, dar cele mai multe ne sunt necunoscute.

M-am gandit sa caut cateva explicatii despre semnificatiile celor mai raspandite semne si simboluri, fie ca acestea se gasesc pe strada, pe diverse cladiri, in biserici,sau pe diverse insemne heraldice.

Este un domeniu fascinant si deosebit de complex asupra caruia doresc sa arunc un fascicol de lumina.

We are surrounded by signs and symbols, from the simplest to most complex. Some, we know, others you just intuit, but most are unknown to us.
I thought to look for some explanations about the meanings of the most common signs and symbols, whether they are on the street, on various buildings, churches, or the various heraldic insignia.
It is a fascinating and highly complex area on which I want to throw a beam of light.

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